My varied interests

For the longest time, I’ve been hung up on the idea of having a “thing”. You know, like the one thing that sets me apart from a crowd. For instance, there are some people where a sport like figure skating is their life, or they are so incredibly smart, or they are crazy fashionable. I have no idea where this fixation originated from, there is probably some deep phycological reason but I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to dive into it. There is a part of me that wants so badly to be defined by something, and I guess thats the problem.

Having varied interests does not necessarily mean that I can’t be good/passionate about them all. I’m a “Jack of all trades” one could say. Others may call me well rounded. But is being too well rounded a bad thing? Can you be so far spread across the board that you don’t properly fit in with any clique?

Here are all of (well, as many as I can currently think of) interests, maybe you won’t be as confused as I am. I am putting them into a list because, well I need to organize my thoughts. I’m like that (see number 7!).

  1. Cheerleading: I have been in cheer since I was 8, that’s a long time. I love watching cheer videos and cheering and competing and all that. But it does not rule my life. I love it, honestly but sometimes there are things that I would much rather be doing instead of sweating in a gym for hours on end.
  2. Reading: Books are like the most amazing things ever. I am always reading. When I read, I can just escape the world and (somewhat) relax (I never really do). My sister and I can talk for HOURS about books and characters and terrible TV adaptations. The one con to being a book lover, is that although I am introverted, I still like to talk to people and not seem standoffish. I am an athlete, I have a social life and I don’t want to come across as someone who does not want to be social. Maybe, once again it’s all in my head.
  3. Movies/TV: If I could watch every movie in existence, I would. I have a weird nack to be able to quote movies on command and use lines from them to get laughs. Same with TV. I love being able to fall in love with characters. They always seem to resonate more with me than real people do. I get this same feeling with books. I will obsess over shows and movies and I love doing it. It makes me feel as if I am a part of something better than reality.
  4. Star Wars: This is kinda a spinoff of the last point, but I love Star Wars (and a lot of geekery in general) so much I thought it deserved it’s own. SW is another one of those things that I get so passionate about my stomach will hurt (in a good way!) I have cute Star Wars shoes and clothes that I love, but that I am sometimes embarrassed to wear in public. Why do I always try and impress the wrong people?
  5. English: This point is pretty broad, but I am a total english nerd. I heart Shakespeare and I write essays for fun. As you already know, I read constantly and I am defiantly on course for pursuing a career in the “english” field, just don’t ask me what it is, that I unfortunately cannot answer. I also have this blog that I love writing. It is totally top secret, no one I know knows about it, so it is all mine!
  6. Fashion/Beauty: To throw a curveball, I also love clothes. Like it’s pretty bad. I’d like to say that I am fashionable. My style is definitely very classy, timeless and preppy, but I try and throw some trendy bits in there to keep it interesting. If I could shop every weekend, I would. I like watching beauty YouTubers talk about makeup (I’m not crazy experimental, I like to keep things simple) and definitely appreciate the art form.
  7. Organizing: Lastly, this one is sorta weird, but I love being neat and organized. It is more of a personality trait than an interest, but it is just as prominent. My room is spotless and I have like the most organized school supplies in the world. And I don’t even find it hard. Sometimes, people make fun of me for having like 10 different coloured pens to use in my agenda, but I would not give it up for anything!
  8. School: Kinda embarrassing, but I’ve got to admit it, I really like school! I try in every class and I get good grades. Although sometimes I would rather do anything than spend another minute at school, I would be absolutely bored without it.

If you made it through all of that, you deserve a medal! So now you know what the majority of my very different interests are. Maybe you think I’m insane, maybe you are just like me. Now that I’ve gotten all this out, it does not seem as stressful as I thought it was. Maybe different people “define” me by different things. There are some people out in the world who probably think I am perfect and good at everything. Clearly that is impossible and not true but still. Maybe I am just that, complex and well rounded. I know that everyone has interests that can be polar opposites of each other. It’s probably just me that takes it so seriously.

So, can any of you relate? Am I worried about nothing? I can’t honestly say that any of these things are more important than another, and I know that my interests are not what literally define me as a person. I hope that me divulging one of my inner concerns helps you get to know me a little better, and maybe helps you realize that being different is a good thing. You are super cool and you rock!

Do you think it’s possible to be a crazy organized, fashionable, introverted, geeky athlete all in one? I guess I do!





FRIENDS and friends


So I am currently typing this as I watch one of the final episodes of FRIENDS, and feeling pretty nostalgic. Like, the show is great and all, but not THAT great (you have to admit there were some duller episodes) but for some reason I am all melancholic. Anyways, I do have a long line of shows cued up to take it’s place when I’m done mourning (has anyone watched Ally McBeal? My parents said that I would love it)

So this past week has been pretty fun, on Tuesday I got my cheer team placement call and… I made the team I wanted!!! YAY! I promise I will explain the whole “cheer thing” another time (trust me it’s like a novel) and I am pretty positive about it all. The rest of the week flew by and this weekend (in Canada) was a long weekend, so we did a lot of shopping, hung out with friends at their pool and I caught up on homework (Oooh and watched about an entire season of FRIENDS). The weather here has been beautiful and I can finally wear my spring/summer clothes to school! I’m rejoicing.

School, although almost over is surprisingly low-key (probably the calm before the storm). I have about 19 school days left, plus exams and I have not been given any culminating projects etc. and it has been really nice. I am so excited for summer!

On another note, I’ve been finding it pretty hard to stick to a book. I’ve been bouncing around between them and I just can’t settle. It’s probably because I have been so stuck on TV, which is so unlike me. I have been slightly obsessed with NCIS recently (did any of you watch that finale? OMG) and obviously FRIENDS.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about real friends. I have been doing lot’s of thinking in the past couple if days and I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop trying to impress them, and other people. This has been a problem all my life (another novel-length story) but recently I have been trying to be more myself, because the people who genuinely like me, are the people I should be surrounding myself with. I have been reading all of your comments and it honestly makes me feel amazing. I don’t hold back on this blog. I don’t pretend to be someone, or like something, or dislike something just because I feel like other people will judge me because of it. When someone comments, it makes me realize that I am not the socially awkward outcast I paint myself to be, but someone that people can like without even knowing.

You guys have absolutely no clue how much I love hearing what you have to say, even if you just want someone to talk to.

Lots of love,


Little update

Hey guys! OMG it’s crazy that when I say that I am actually talking to REAL PEOPLE! Hello! I haven’t blogged in a couple of days, so I thought I’d just update you on what has been going on in my life!

Yesterday, I had a really successful math in-class assignment! (You will come to know that math is not my thing) I finished early and everything, It felt really good to easily understand something! Anyways, last week was a total short week for me. Tuesday we had a buy out last period, Wednesday was and early dismissal day and Thursday there was an assembly for the last two periods (so naturally I had my dad pick me up and we went to lunch!) Now that it’s the weekend, I feel almost disoriented because I did nothing throughout the week – not complaining though!

Anyways, last night I went and watched my best friend Toad’s dance recital. I used to dance with her when I was younger but then cheerleading took over my life! My sister and I make it an effort to go watch all of our friends every year, and it is really fun. Both of us met our best friends through dance. This year was the studio’s tenth anniversary, so all the numbers were re-interpreted from pervious years. It was so cool to see songs I danced too like 5 years ago done by new little girls. Toad is a really great dancer and I loved watching her. One of my sisters closest friends is probably the best, most poised and graceful dancers I know. She is auditioning to go to a ballet school and I totally think she will get in.

I put fresh sheets on my bed last night, and it was so amazing that I didn’t wake up until 9 am! I then proceeded to stay in bed until 11 doing some homework online and planning courses for next year (and maybe some online shopping…!) Now that I am finally out of bed and dressed, Im having a grapefruit for breakfast and writing this post. I think I am going to get a lot done today.

Tomorrow, I believe that my mother and I (and possibly my sis) are going to a really nice mall to kill some time and to burn some of my birthday money. Do any of you have the problem where you find something you want to buy, but are too afraid that there will be something better out there so you don’t buy it? This happens to me all. the. time! It sucks because I obsess over clothes, makeup etc. and never actually go get them, even though I can. Maybe I’m just ridiculous. So I decided that tomorrow, if I find something I like, no matter how frivolous I think it might be, I will buy it because this way I will have things instead of month old birthday money sitting around. Thats the game plan.

The book I am currently reading is The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan. His books about greek mythology are absolutely hilarious and I love them. Even though they are meant for 9-11 year olds, I know a ton of teenagers who love them just as much as I do. Trials of Apollo is like a spinoff series from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series’ that has some of the same characters but also some new ones! In my opinion, nothing beats the original Percy books, but so far I have been LOLing IRL at ToA! I would totally recommend picking up any of these books!

Side note, cheer team placements start on Monday and I am crazy nervous. I know that I can’t make a decision about next year until I know what team I’m on so I am trying not to stress too much about it. I will keep you guys updated on the whole cheer situation.

So I guess that’s all for my little update! Thanks to everyone who’s been reading my blog. You have absolutely no idea how amazing it makes me feel!

I love all of you!


Wedding shower weekend

This weekend my younger sister and I were dragged to the small town where my mom’s family lives to go to a wedding shower. Now don’t get me wrong, I do… like… my mom’s family except for the fact that my sister and I don’t have any cousins to hang out with. It’s not even like my mom has like a small family, there is just no one my age.

Anyways, so we went to this wedding shower for my mom’s youngest cousin and it was (although probably a nice shower) absolutely dreadful. Now, I am pretty mature so I can hold legitimate adult conversations and behave myself ( I’m 16 come on) but it was just two solid days of hanging out with the over 55 crowd and man it was agony. My poor sister got looped into babysitting the 8 year old other girl who behaves as if she is 4. It feels as if the over-bearing aunts look at us like we are so young we can’t possibly be our own people and we should be babysitting and hanging out with the grandparents because that’s what we should do. I am too young to have anything in common with them, but too old to be okay sitting with toys and books in the corner.

My grandma was with us and she is great. She is 63 but does not act old whatsoever. I like spending time with her but only when it’s just us. I would have rathered spent time at her house.

The shower was over pretty quickly, then we all had to go to my mom’s aunts cottage on the lake. The cottage is gorgeous but still not my speed. So my sis and I snuck off into a spare room and watched the perks of being a wallflower movie, it was really good! (and relatable)

Then my amazing and understanding mom finally made up an excuse to free us all from the oldies (she wasn’t having fun either). We went to my mom’s coolest cousins house whose wife just had a baby and played and chilled out there until 1 in the morning… Oops! It was great to have a baby fix and hang out with people who are closer to my age and like cool.

Currently, we are at my mom’s uncles house and my sister and I are still sitting on the couch in another room on our phones and reading (I just started Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and it is really interesting!) we are hiding home after this.

So technically this weekend wasn’t horrible, but I definitely don’t want to do it again for a long time!

That is pretty much it! Do any of you have families like this? I’d love to hear about them, or anything for that matter!

Lots of love,


Cheer banquet 2016

As none of you know, I am a competitive cheerleader. Cheer is one of my absolute favourite things in the world and it is something that has definitely shaped the person who I am today.

Last night was our end of year banquet and as always, it was bittersweet. For once, the venue was large enough for all of us and the food was better than last year’s (which was a plus). Normally, I am a hot crying mess by the end of the night, because of all the emotional build up and goodbyes. Seeing as though I am 16, not all of my friends stay in cheer and it is very difficult to stay close because we live in different cities. This year’s banquet was not as sad for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, this has probably been my least favourite season. My team was an ‘Island of Misfit Toys’ of sorts and it was full of younger girls (like there were four 11 year olds, who were extremely immature) and the majority of my team did not have the required tumbling skills. This and many other reasons contributed to me not enjoying myself as much as I have in the past. Ever since Christmas I was wishing I had quit earlier in the season. Another thing was that I was not really close to that many people on my team. Obviously it was hard to hang out with the littles, and most of the other girls were just not my kind of people (trust me, I tried to make friends). All in all, saying goodbye to my team was not hard.

What was hard, was saying goodbye to two of my favourite coaches. The first one was my coach when I was really young (I think 10) and she really helped me through getting over some tumbling blocks. She is so sweet and amazing and ‘technically’ named her daughter after me (I have a really old fashioned and unique name, so I’m taking the credit :)), but is moving to Singapore for her husband’s job. I was really looking forward to taking private lessons with her but now I have to pick another coach. I will really miss her.

My other favourite coach is moving to Florida for her (albeit cute) husband’s job as well. She really turned a team I was upset about making into one of the best seasons ever. She always believed in me and was proud of everything I did. Last night, she told me a secret. That I was her absolute most favourite athlete she ever coached. That is when the hot mess sobbing started. This goes to show that with the right people, you will be appreciated and loved for just being yourself. What she said really made me love myself. And it made it even harder to know that she won’t be around anymore.

On a happier note, I was braver last night and asked to get pictures with lots of my fiends. I am not really super outgoing and I have this unrealistic fear that people are constantly judging me, so it was defiantly an improvement when I was not stupidly scared. Wow, this makes me sound crazy lame just typing it.

Anyways, another season has come and gone. Don’t get me started on my anxiety surrounding next year’s placement, teammates, pressure etc. I really want to want to come back. I am probably worried about nothing.

Love you lots,


April favourites!

It’s the end of April and I thought I might do a favourites post. I’ve seen people do these all the time and I’ve always wanted to do one of my own. So why not? Here goes!

Firstly, I have been so thankful for my  Neutrogena Grapefruit Cleanser. My skin (although it’s normally pretty clear) has been hating me for the past couple of weeks. This cleanser has salicylic acid in it so it clears your skin right up! Plus it also smells AMazing so that’s a bonus!

Next, I have been loving the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I bought it for the first time last year and it has been my go-to ever since. I love the plastic brush and the way it goes on. I  once had someone ask me if I was wearing false eyelashes, obviously I had to tell them “Nope, they’re real!”. I have also heard really good reviews about Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara, and am contemplating giving that one a try. If you have tried it, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Another beauty-ish favourite has been Vaseline Lip Therapy lip balm in the cocoa butter sent. I got this at the start of the month an OH MY it is fantastic. Vaseline lip balms are different from others because it acts like a barrier to keep the moisture in your lips. This one smells great and leaves your lips incredibly soft, also the tin is adorable.

My only favourite clothing for April has been my new Birkenstocks. I’ve wanted a pair of Birks for a while now and I ended up getting a pair for my birthday. To be quite honest, they are not the most glamorous shoes, but after you break them in, the are the most comfortable shoes you will ever own! I have been wearing them with everything and they have stopped hurting for the most part.

For my book fav of the month, I have a trilogy that I’ve actually already read, but have recently re-read because that is how great it is! The first book is called Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and MY OH MY I love it so much! I know the title might sound a bit cheesy but trust me it is not. Anna is a contemporary YA novel about a girl who is sent to a boarding school in Paris (that is all I am going to say because I don’t want to spoil anything) but trust me, it is one of my all time favourite books and definitely worth the read.

Finally, I’d like to mention Teenage Blogger Central, TBC is a blogging community that I have recently joined. So far, I have discovered a whole whack of great blogs and have had a lot of fun reading them. You should definitely go check it out!

So I guess that’s it! If you guys like favourites posts like this, I can try and make them a regular thing!

Until next time,


Studying abroad?

Okay so this might sound crazy, but ever since a guest speaker in my class came and talked to us about this study abroad program, I just can’t shake it.

Once again, CRAZY! This does not sound like me at all. I’m too scared to go ride my bike to the library or call and order a pizza. But for some reason, I want to do this so badly. I think that going off on my own would be really beneficial for myself. I am by no definition independent, brave or adventurous but I want to be. And what better way then to see the world and get an incredible education? Honestly, I think this might be one of the best things I can do for myself.

The only thing is, when I mentioned it to my mom, she kinda shrugged it off like it was some kind of whim. Like, I know I am not an obvious candidate but this is something I (think I) really want to do. I understand that she is protective and does not want me to leave her, but I just can’t explain how excited this idea makes me!

Maybe it is just the idea that I like (it’s SOO Anna and the French Kiss, best book ever btw), maybe I wouldn’t actually be mentally strong enough or brave enough to do it. All I know is that it would be an adventure. Something that would change my life no matter what and turn me into a more independent and worldly person. Who doesn’t want to see the world?

Well, actually it would be mostly Europe. The program I am looking at (you can do a whole year or just one semester) offers a semester in Europe, visiting Paris, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece and many more. Imagine studying history in mausoleums and writing creative stories on the streets of France? GAH it sounds so great! They also have a more eastern semester in China etc, but Europe is definitely more my speed.

Another great thing is that a great chunk of the courses available are ones that I have already planned on taking in grades 11 and 12, and that they count for high school credits. How amazing would “took philosophy in Greece” look on Uni applications??! I will have to wait until at least next year to go on one of these trips, so I do have time.

Anyways, I am definitely excited about this possibility, and obviously it is something I will need to discuss in length with my parents. Maybe I am just being naive, and would be too scared to go. But this is something that I think would do me a world of good (no pun intended)

Have any of you ever though of, or did something like this? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!


It’s my birthday!

Yay! It’s my birthday! I am exhausted and I have had a headache all day, so I will make this brief.

Although I pretty much hate celebrating my birthday (unrequited attention? please no) and I always have, it was pretty good this year!

Yesterday,  my best friend Toad (that’s not her real name obvs) and my school best friend and I went out for dinner and then went to see the new live action Jungle Book movie. It went well, nothing was awkward and my two friends who have never met got along pretty well. Toad made me the adorable card and now we have matching bracelets. She also got me a book, which I am really excited about because her and I have the same taste in books. My other friend got me some nice LUSH stuff, a starbucks card and an OPI nail polish.

Today, mom and I went to a really big mall and shopped ALL DAY. It was fun but a little stressful. She had more luck than I did, but I ended up with two tops and a pair of birkenstocks. Really and truly I’m just glad we had a day together, my mom is by best friend.

So now, I’m in bed. 16 years old, with a headache and watching f.r.i.e.n.d.s in bed. Tomorrow I have a student council  awards ceremony at school and I have to dress up. Normally, I’d be thrilled but I’m going to have to get up and ready earlier and I’m just so tired.

Anyways, happy birthday me! Love you!


Afraid of everything

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever would”

Man that’s sounding ironic right now. Ever since I was little I have been very cautious. Maybe too cautious. I’m pretty much afraid of everything. Not everything as in snakes and spiders and bees (well, that too) but things that normal kids should have no problem doing. Such as; riding a bike, going to a party, trying something new etcetera. I’m even sinking afraid of dogs for crying out loud!

Now here I am, literally 6 days away from being 16 and I have not lived a single one of those 5840 days. My life has honestly passed me by. And I’m really disappointed in myself for not just living.

I have these crazy hopes and dreams of being this put together, worldly socialite who has the most ideal job and friends and social life. I want to be the person who is talked about in those Kate Spade quotes. Who lives life by the seat of her patterned skirt, and seizes the moment and floats in and out of parties.

I’m even afraid to drive a car. Like absolutely, insanely terrified to. I was also too afraid to run for student council secretary. Like it’s not like I’m running for president, it’s secretary. A job that little old me is probably perfectly cut out for. And I took a declaration form and everything, but life got complicated and I was afraid of the stress or failing or not liking it, so I didn’t even apply. Now, this other girl got appointed the position because no one was running against her.

I mentioned this too mom (who is my  best friend in the whole entire would) and she seemed almost upset that I never took the chance. She said that she has all these hopes and dreams for me and that she hopes that one day I will learn to live a little. This kinda stung, but it was nothing I had never thought myself. Here I am, life in shambles, all mopey and alone watching Friends and “blogging” on a blog that is my new whim. Something completely safe because no one will ever read it.

I know it is too late to become student council secretary, but I’ve been looking into taking courses abroad in Europe. Now I know that sounds crazy coming from me but I feel like it might be something that is really good for me. I’ve read books (like Anna and the French Kiss) where people study abroad and it is the best thing that has ever happened to them. I’ve always been a scaredy cat and sheltered so naturally mom didn’t even consider it, but I don’t know. Maybe it would be the greatest decision I’ve ever made or maybe I’m being crazy. Anyways, I’d really like to start “living” but I just don’t know what that looks like for me.

Anyways, I don’t really know what I wanted to get out of this, but I do feel a little better. Maybe one day I’ll look back at this and laugh. Any advice for overcoming a fear of life? It would be greatly appreciated.

Love (as always),


(Oh, and my math test went fine, if you were wondering! I think I did my absolute best and I made it through. Not the end of the world!)


Trying your best

Ever since we are little, we are told by our parents, our teachers, everyone to try our best. So for the most part we do. I tend to label myself as a bit of an overachiever. I do my homework, I study for my tests and I’m not too modest to say that I get good grades.

But is trying your best, and failing still doing your best? Could you have done better? That question has been rotting in my brain recently. Obviously trying is extremely important, but recently, I’ve been thinking about trying to relax about things a little more. And with that comes less stress and time worrying about little things that are out of your immediate control. So it is okay not to be perfect all the time?

You’re probably wondering why I’m ranting? I have a math test tomorrow. And not just any math test THE quadratics unit math test. The one that is almost guaranteed to drop my average down a solid 5-8%!!!

I’ve known that this test has been approaching for a long time, and I’ve been to every class, I’ve done my homework and I’ve asked questions. I even made a study page and reviewed for 2 hours tonight. But for some reason, I still feel unprepared.

Now, I am absolutely positive that math is not my forte. It has never been. I am definitely more of an english/media/anything but math kinda gal. And I know that I will not be needing high level math in my future career (that, despite the comment is still undecided). So why am I setting these really high expectations for myself? Is it okay to just, try my best and settle for whatever grade I get, because odds are it will be decent? In a perfect world, I would push myself harder and study longer but nothing is perfect.

I went to my mom for math help, but seeing as though she accidentally fell asleep while watching TV, she was not much use. I did get her to wake up for a bit, and I told her that I was just going to do my best, and that I hoped that she would not be upset if I got a bad grade.

You know what she said? She said “I will never be disappointed” (and then promptly fell back asleep). I am very lucky that I have understanding parents, and that my mom is basically my best friend. I could not even fathom the pressure some parents put on their kids, considering the pressure some kids put on themselves.

Sometimes, you need to be able to define your own strengths and weaknesses, and not let that affect who you are. I am not dumb, I am not outgoing, I am not unmotivated. I just have different strengths than others.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe lot’s of other people feel exactly the same way.

Have any of you ever had to just “let go” of something like a test and relax? I probably have already but it doesn’t feel any easier.

I’d love to hear your advice,

Love NiceGirl