What’s in my backpack?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE school. Why? I’m not so sure. It’s probably the combination of a daily routine, organization and my general sense of curiosity about the world. I also love that it gives me something to do everyday (I am currently suffering from a case of the summer vacation lazies). But, I think we can all agree that the best part of going back to school is getting new school supplies – well, besides new clothes that is!

So I’ve decided to do a “What’s in my backpack” post to tell you guys about my absolute favourite school supplies and what else I keep on me all day at school.

  1. Firstly my backpack is the Little America backpack from Herschel and it is HUGE! At my school, we carry our bags around all day because the school is so big, it would take too much time to visit your locker in between each class. Plus, this way I’ve got everything I need with me at all times! I love this bag because it is essentially a huge sac. It fits everything I need and it is very cute, mine is navy and white!
  2. Next is my MacBook Air laptop. I almost always have my Mac with me at school because a lot of what we do is online and because I am taking an online course. Okay story time: At the end of grade 10, I went to the guidance office to see my timetable for the next year and we realized that I had a gargantuan conflict with my classes. Long story short, after three appointments and some stress induced tears, the only way to keep my schedule how I wanted it was to take online gym. Yes you read that right. ONLINE GYM. It’s pretty much just glorified health class. It’s kinda embarrassing, but whatever.
  3. For my binders, I like to have one for each class (at my school, we have 4 classes each semester and a total of 8 in the year) and my absolute favourite tried and tested binders are the Five Star Flex Notebinders. Whoa man, these are the greatest invention ever. It is essentially a notebook, where the rings open and you can add paper and handouts into it. They come with little folders/pockets and the best thing about them is that you can fold back the cover like a notebook when you take notes!! That may not sound like a big deal, but trust me it is. These binders are flexible and thin and awesome. If you haven’t checked these out, I highly suggest that you do!
  4. During the school year, my agenda is my lifeline, and my favourite agenda is the Lilly Pulitzer large agenda. This will be my second year using a Lilly agenda and I am so so excited! These planners are hardcover and thick with a monthly calendar view and lines for each day of the week. Now I know that the patterns may not be for everybody since they are pretty bright, but it’s whats on the inside that counts ( I think they are really fun!) I write my homework/personal events in this baby everyday and go crazy with the coloured pens. Which leads me to…
  5. PENS! I am a huge fan of the PaperMate Inkjoy gel pens, they don’t bleed and they write crazy smooth. Although I use pens in my planner (and occasionally my notes) I am a pencil girl through and through. Commitment issues, am I right? Anyways, when it comes to pencils I’m not overly picky. I like to use the Bic Mechanical Pencils with the glitter in them. Then there are highlighters, the ones I love are the Sharpie highlighters that are really thick. Lastly in my pencil case I have a white eraser, a 15cm ruler and pink Post-It notes.
  6. My pencil case is one I got in Australia on vacation, so I won’t be able to link it for you. However, here are some other ones I have used or liked: Smiggle, Herschel, FiveStar.
  7. In addition to all of this, in the front pocket of my backpack, I have; a scientific calculator, a mini hairbrush, gum, lip balm, hand cream, band-aids and headphones. You know, the essentials!

This year I am going into grade 11, so I feel like I have this school supplies thing down pat. But if any of you have any school supply suggestions, I would love to hear them!! I hope that you liked this post and that you have a really great year at school!

Love you lots,



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