Summer vacation!

I don’t know why I have been so hesitant to write another blog post, now I’m guilting myself into doing this completely knowing that once I start, I will wonder why I ever stopped.

My exams for school went extraordinarily well and I am anxiously waiting my report card in the mail. To be completely honest, I am kind of missing school. I love learning and the scheduling and routine, and right now since I’m on break I am completely lazy – although that is not the worst possible thing.

Which leads me into the next point. WAY back in February, I injured my ankle at a cheerleading practice. My physiotherapist said that is was a high ankle sprain and treated it accordingly. When the new cheer season started back up again in June, I was told that I could try and tumble again. But, when I did, it hurt the same, if not more from when I initially did it. So, I went to the doctors office and he scheduled me for an MRI. And let’s just say that the MRI was one of the coolest experiences ever. It was freezing cold and sounded like the dryer, but totally worth it! In short, I never had a high ankle sprain and what I do have is essentially severe bone bruising on both the medial and lateral sides of my ankle, as well as some torn ligaments. That means that my ankle almost fractured. My doctor has put me in one of those hideous AirCast boots and crutches for3 to 4 weeks and I am not allowed to put any wait on it. What a *great* way to start the summer (not). It also may wreck my plans to go to cheerleading camp in August. I went last year and it is one of my favourite places on Earth, which makes me very sad.

So far, I have not been able to do much (well, if you count the time I hobbled around an outdoor mall for 6 hours…) and it is brutal, but I am taking some well deserved relax time. In the span of a few weeks, I have re-watched all 6 seasons of Glee (no shame) and I am on the fourth season of Grey’s Anatomy. I was never planning on watching that show, but my sister convinced me to and now I’m hooked! I am planning on doing lots and lots of things this summer when my boot comes off, like (hopefully) cheer camp, baseball games, amusement parts, drive-in movies and swimming. I just get to do all the lazy, suntan (with terrible boot tan lines) and lounge thing for a bit. I call it decompressing.

On a more exciting note, I GOT MY BRACES OFF TODAY!! I know, yippee! I’ve had my braces for just under a year and I am really happy with my teeth, though they feel really slimy and weird. The orthodontist put in a permanent retainer on the inner part of my teeth and it is driving me crazy! I get my actual retainers on Thursday, so I am hoping he can tweak it so that it is not cutting into my young at all times. It may just be something I just have to get used to.

Book-wise, I just finished the “The Summer I Turned Pretty” trilogy by Jenny Han and it was so-so. I really liked the first book, but I would probably just stop there. The characters are cute and so is the plot, but during the second and mostly the third book, everything seemed cliché and rushed. Since finishing that trilogy, I have started “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart and it is really interesting, so I will keep you posted! My TBR (To Be Read) list for the summer is mainly young adult contemporary books because they are light and summery and easy to read. My list consists of, but is not limited to: “Beautiful Broken Things”by Sarah Barnard, “Since You’ve Been Gone”and “Unexpected Everything”by Morgan Matson, “Eleanor and Park”by Rainbow Rowell and “Summer Days and Summer Nights” by Stephanie Perkins. As you may have been able to tell, I love to read!

So yeah, I think that is everything as of now I need to touch up on. My summer is still pretty chill up until I get my boot off (and until when my bestie comes back from vacation in Lithuania) so I’m not up to much these days. Netflix, online shopping, reading and baking (I make a mean snickerdoodle!) make up the majority of my days.

What are you guys up to this summer? Any exciting plans? Any book recommendations? I’d love to hear it all!

Lots of love,




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